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MUTEC 2014 – Museum in the 21st century: Food for the mind

The functions and role of museums and exhibitions are currently undergoing a thorough review. Museum directors must consider their future role and focus, whether it be the collection, the concept or the visitor. MUTEC, trade fair for museum and exhibition technology examines these trends and provides a forum for discussion.

MUTEC 2014 - Museum in the 21st century: Food for the mind

MUTEC 2012 – Impression

In the past the collection and its presentation were in the centre of attention but nowadays, creators of exhibitions need to balance a number of aspects. On the one hand the exhibits should be presented in a timely manner but on the other, there is a requirement for an extensive digitalisation package, requiring preparation time and technical knowhow. This must however further evolve as since the „Always-on-generation“ found its way into museums, the concept and focus of the exhibition has become the visitor.

The visitors of tomorrow will require the facility to take and transmit a ‚Selfie“ with a dinosaur or the Mona Lisa in the background through e mail, Social Media or the Blogger scene and the challenge for Museums and Exhibitions is to respond to this need.

There are many possibilities to engage a wider audience. Some, like „storytelling“, originate from the marketing business whilst others, such as web-based participation are a spin off from modern communication systems. The idea of the museum as a resonating space originates from the system theory and is considered to be one of the most promising solutions to meet the new visitors“ requirements far more than a bare content-based knowledge or display.

As well as offering exhibits, theories and explanations in a prepared package for the more traditional visitor, space for interaction and experience should be provided for the Always-on-generation.

Daniel Tyradellis, philosopher and curator is known as one of the spearheads of the movement of contemporary exhibiting with his book „Müde Museen“ (Tired Museums). He strives to generate thinking by his audience rather than bombarding them with factual information and refuses exhibition texts and chronologies but instead calls upon exhibition creators to unsettle the audience and their visual habits in order that they gain new insights. These insights will be more sustainable than the most beautiful presentations because they will be gained and experienced through interaction.

A basic rule of journalism shall apply for the creators of future exhibitions: (almost) everything is permissible which does not bore the audience. „Storytelling“ in the museum is going to be a challenge for future years.

Fair trade manager Angelika Albrecht asserts that „The audience wants exhibitions and mental activity, consolidated as „Food for the Mind“,“ and whilst In Manila in the Philippines a natural history museum already exists called the „Mind Museum“,Leipzig, location of the MUTEC 2014 is much closer.

MUTEC trade fair is going to take place together with the „denkmal“ as in 2012 and 2010. The combination of the two specialist trade shows has proven itself and is appreciated by visitors as well as exhibitors alike. From 6th to 8th November 2014, Leipzig will therefore once again become the centre for all cultural players from the museum, exhibition, archives, library, monument, and knowledge centre sectors. Networking and interaction between the various groups will be positively encouraged. In addition, Leipzig“s proximity to the neighbouring countries in the east has a positive effect on visitor numbers as the archivists and museum directors from those countries also want to present their treasures in an attractive way and participate in the new trends.

You can find the exhibitor brochure, the registration forms, and further information on

For further information please contact the trade fair management in Munich:
Ms. Angelika Albrecht, phone: 0049 – 89 – 27294820

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