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Nine years AIRTEC: A World Class Aerospace Event to be at!

AIRTEC 2014 – a unique international event in the world of aerospace: Growth in exhibitor, B2B-meetings, innovative topics and international high-level audience!

Nine years AIRTEC: A World Class Aerospace Event to be at!

Opening of AIRTEC 2014 – Brigitte Zypries and Diana Schnabel open AIRTEC 2014

Frankfurt/Main, October 28, 2014: Today, AIRTEC 2014 opens its gates: For three days, it will be the center of the international aerospace industry, guaranteeing new technologies, high quality, internationality and special services. Attendants will experience the unique combination of an international exhibition with B2B-meetings and an international congress, consisting of seven international conferences.

The ninth edition brings together a rising numbers of technical experts and buyers, executives in procurement, supply chain management and technology from OEMs, Primes, universities and institutions and an increasing number of exhibitors from all over the world. The focus of AIRTEC is making contacts, exchanging ideas and creating new business opportunities with existing and new customers, developing new project partnerships to fulfil the needs of the OEMs and discussing new trends in aerospace technologies.

AIRTEC also enhances the dialogue between industry and research and presents new technologies like additive manufacturing, alternative fuel, new composite structures, new civil and military UAS technologies, new sensor, testing and avionics technologies and commercial space activities at one entire congress. The B2B meetings allow for networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

AIRTEC on the Growth Path
The significance of AIRTEC is also reflected in its rapid growth: The 9th edition has grown impressively. 40% more exhibitors than last year, 30% more B2B-meetings and 20% more international participation! The number of exhibitors and B2B-meeting companies has increased to up to 450, and about 8,000 B2B-meetings have already been scheduled. The exhibitors come from the following sectors of the aerospace supply chain: design and engineering with 10%, materials with 12%, production with 31%, components and systems with 28%, electronics, sensors and testing with 16% and maintenance with 3%.

In addition, there is a stronger participation from the fields of research compared to the last years. Therefore, the interaction between research and industry is excellent and can be used to discuss new project opportunities.

Building Bridges
What coins AIRTEC as the unique aerospace event in the world is its function as a bridge between US aerospace companies and companies from Germany and many other European nations, allowing them to meet and network in order to foster future cooperation. This year, representatives from Asian countries have also displayed more interest to be represented with a stronger presence at AIRTEC.

The exhibitors come from 25 nations covering all continents. Most of the exhibitors come from Germany with 31%, followed by Italy, Spain, the United States, Great Britain, France and others. The share of exhibitors from abroad has strongly increased and has now reached 69%. Many countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, USA and emerging markets of South Asia, already present themselves in their own pavilions. For the 10th AIRTEC the presence of country pavilions from Europe and from different states of the USA, Canada and Asia will be further increased.

The internationality of the B2B-meetings and congress participants is also high as they represent 22 different countries, with a share of 70% of participants from abroad. 66% of the B2B-meeting participants come from procurement, supply chain management, sourcing, subcontracting, general and program management; 34% come from design, engineering, R&D, manufacturing, project management and quality assurance.

Commercial Space
For the first time, Commercial Space is the main focus of Space World 2014, one of the major conferences of AIRTEC 2014 and a first step to become an international meeting-place for the European supply industry and the leading industry in commercial space in the U.S. The spirit of AIRTEC as being a pioneer in Germany for commercial space shows the future-oriented strategy of this event. It should be common interest among the representatives and decision makers in politics, institutions and industry to increase new business opportunities, especially for smaller and medium sized companies.

Conquering the sky not only with aircrafts, but also with orbital space shuttles is still a vision, but can become a reality in the next two decades. Companies in Germany and other European countries should not miss the fantastic opportunity to be among the pioneers in commercial space together with companies from the US.

Technology Leadership
The international congress of AIRTEC 2014 also shows a growth in world-wide renowned lecturers as well as participants. All seven international conferences mirror the innovative aspect as a trend-setter in future-oriented topics: Supply on the Wings, Space World, UAV World, Aerospace Sensors, Testing, Avionics and Helicopter. At the international conference „Supply on the Wings“, there is a special session on additive manufacturing, alternative fuels (e.g. fuel cells), automation in manufacturing of composite structures, summits with high level participation on the future of aviation, composite structures and supply chain. Great thanks to Dr. Terry Wohlers from Wohlers Associates for co-ordinating the additive manufacturing session. Keynote speakers include Mr. Axel Flaig, Senior Vice President Research & Technology from Airbus, Peter Sander, Manager Emerging Technologies & Concepts at Airbus, James Thomas, Technical Fellow Composites from Boeing, Dr. Slade Gardner from Lockheed Martin Space, and Dr. Raymond „Corky“ Clinton from NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center.

At the international conference „Space World“, main topics are Enabling Technologies like 3D printing and robotics, propulsion, space ports, commercial space, satellite communication and high-tech research. Among the speakers are representatives from Airbus Defence & Space, Boeing, DLR, ESA, FAA, MDA, NASA, OHB, Onera, Sierra Nevada, SpaceX, Teledyne Brown, Thales Alenia Space, and Virgin Galactic.

At UAV World, the international conference on civil and military unmanned airborne systems, will again be a highlight at AIRTEC 2014. The main topics are platforms, modelling/simulation, certification, air space integration and public acceptance, autonomy and planning. Renowned speakers from industry, research and institutions present the state of the art and new ideas and solutions for the application of UAS in the military and civil industry. There will be a panel discussion on Challenges and Opportunities: UAS in Civil Air Space.

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AIRTEC is the World Aerospace Supply Fair with combined pre-arranged B2B-meetings and a highly qualified and international congress. Since 2006 AIRTEC takes place annually in the exhibition halls Frankfurt, Germany and represents the entire aerospace supply chain from design, engineering, testing and simulation over materials, production, tools, components, systems, electronics, sensors up to life cycle support, all at one exhibition place. At the international exhibition the international audience receives a varied overview of the aerospace supply industry where innovations, new technologies and trends are represented. Due to the unique exhibition concept of AIRTEC, being more than a traditional trade fair. At AIRTEC, the international exhibition is combined with pre-arranged B2B-meetings via a B2B-matchmaking platform prior to AIRTEC. The meetings take place during the three days of the event and in this way enhances the intensive exchange with potential business partners from Germany and abroad. The program is accomplished by five international conferences, where experts from industry and research discuss new developments and trends. This combination of an international exhibition, B2B-meetings and an international congress makes AIRTEC to one of the world-wide leading meeting-places in the aerospace industry.

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