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Protagen Protein Services (PPS) Invests in Further new PhysChem Analytical Capabilities with FT-IR

FT-IR (Fourier-Transform Infrared) spectroscopy is highly sensitive to the secondary structure of proteins . Application specialist with new Brucker Tensor II FT-IR spectrometer Comprehensive information on the numerous structural attributes of a protein therapeutic is vital for understanding its functionality, stability and antigenicity. The Fourier-Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer is a powerful tool for the advanced … Weiterlesen »


Biosimilar Drug Development – The Analytical Strategy is a Key Factor for Your Success

How to Meet the Challenges of Developing a Biosimilar Biosimilar Development needs State-of-the-art Analytical Methods The generation of analytical data for the comparison between a biosimilar and the originator product is the initial assumption in the development of biosimilars. Achieving biosimilarity can be a controversial and complex topic when deciding on the right time point … Weiterlesen »


DP²4R Gigabit data logger for recording and feeding raw radar data

Validation of intelligent radar sensors improves the safety of autonomous driving Real traffic situations can be stored and replicated repeatedly in the laboratory. (Source: embedded brains GmbH) For the development and validation of systems for autonomous vehicle management, real traffic scenarios are usually simulated and tested in the laboratory. Since pre-processing is carried out directly … Weiterlesen »


Emissions analysis for the highest demands

The increasing sense of environmental awareness around the globe is demanding higher standards for environmental monitoring. NOx electrodeless discharge lamp Heraeus Noblelight has developed an easy to use, plug & play light solution based on NOx light technology, for very accurate measurement of NOx and other pollution gases. Environmental monitoring is used to describe the … Weiterlesen »


PCE-VE 310 borescope – suitable for all

Nowadays, borescopes are used in all sectors of industry. They are used to access and view areas that were previously inaccessible without taking the offending items to pieces. Damaged items can be inspected and faults can easily be identified so that the can be corrected without having to disassemble a whole device. Nowadays, borescopes are … Weiterlesen »


Neuer Online-DGA-Monitor für die Gas-in-Öl-Analyse ermöglicht Frühwarndiagnostik zur effektiven Vermeidung von Transformatorausfällen

SmartDGA Guard von LumaSense misst und meldet verschiedene Gase in Transformatorölen für die Hälfte der üblichen Gesamtbetriebskosten anderer Multigas-Warngeräte Neuer Online-DGA-Monitor für die Gas-in-Öl-Analyse ermöglicht Frühwarndiagnostik zur effektiven Vermeidung von Transformatorausfällen LumaSense Technologies, Inc. bringt mit der SmartDGA Guard das neueste Familienmitglied der aktuellen, aus Überwachungsgeräten für die Gas-in-Öl-Analyse (Dissolved Gas Analysis, DGA) bestehenden … Weiterlesen »


Oldenbourg Verlag schnürt Semesterpakete für Wissenschaftler und Studierende

Studienlektüre im Spar-Paket für Historiker, Informatiker, Ingenieure, Naturwissenschafter und Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Zum Start des Wintersemesters und zur optimalen Prüfungsvorbereitung bietet der Oldenbourg Verlag Wissenschaftlern und Studenten wichtige Lehrbücher, Monographien und Nachschlagewerke zu Paketpreisen. Die Ersparnis gegenüber den Einzelbänden beträgt bis zu 30 %. Es gibt Semesterpakete für Historiker, Informatiker, Ingenieure und Naturwissenschafter sowie Wirtschaftswissenschaftler. Die Pakete … Weiterlesen »


New thermal imaging camera system for coal-fired boilers improves plant efficiency

LumaSense’s BoilerSpection increases coal plant productivity by providing thermal infrared camera system for boilers with continuous through-flame imaging capability LumaSense Technologies, Inc. has introduced a unique thermal imaging camera system that uses high-quality video and data analysis software to help coal-fired power plants run their boilers and produce power more efficiently: The LumaSense BoilerSpection? is … Weiterlesen »