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Gentle finishing of extremely hard surfaces

Overlapping rotational work piece movement is the basis for even, all-around surface finishes The spindles allow the processing of batches of up to 18 work pieces. For this photo different work At this year“s IMTS Walther Trowal is introducing the new drag finisher M-TMD 6M for treating high-value components that require a first-class surface quality. … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: With image processing technology for sealing profiles to goal-line technology in football world cup

From a start-up company to a leading systems provider: Image processing for the quality control of carbon fiber fabrics used in lightweight automotive construction Core elements of the carbon fabric inspection system: eight high-resolution GigE CCD line scan camer At Vision 2014, Pixargus will present its latest development in image processing technology: integrated measurement solutions … Weiterlesen »