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New Generation of Semray® UV LED series – more powerful for higher productivity

Product evolution of our unique UV LED plug & play curing solution provides users with enhanced benefits by using Semray® – The One UV LED solution in industrial processes. The new generation Semray® UV4103 stands out with more power and lighter weight. The new generation Semray® UV4103 stands out with more power and, due to … Weiterlesen »


Combining infrared radiation and air management to reduce energy use

Infradry systems make printing and coating applications significantly more efficient. Infradry systems from Heraeus Noblelight make printing and coating applications significantly more efficient, as infrared emitters work in conjunction with a specially developed air management system to reduce drying time. Drying coatings and inks is an energy-intensive process, which is reason enough to put conventional … Weiterlesen »


Innovative Infrared heat reduces energy consumption in coating packaging for food

Retrofitting with modern emitters simplifies polymer coating An infrared system has dramatically reduced energy costs in the coating of board for food packaging. An infrared system from Heraeus Noblelight has dramatically reduced energy costs in the coating of board for food packaging at the Stroud factory of The Olympic Varnish Company Ltd. By eliminating the … Weiterlesen »


Modern Gas-Catalytic Infrared Emitters Are Twice as Fast in Curing Corrosion Protective Coating on Welding Equipment

Infrared-Systems from Heraeus Nobllight optimize Corrosion Protective Coating on Welding Equipment. (Source: Copyright Miller Electric 2018) Mobile welding equipment is used in many different environments. Consequently, their casings are protected against corrosion by a base coating and then finished with a decorative top coating. However, the complete curing of both coatings involves considerable cost – … Weiterlesen »


Heraeus Noblelight opens most modern UV LED module production in Europe

New production facility surpasses industrial standards with cutting-edge production processes and clean-room technology. The gold wire bonder is at the heart of the production process. With the increasing use of UV LED solutions in the industry Heraeus Noblelight, expert in UV LED curing solutions, has opened a production facility in Hanau, Germany, that meets the … Weiterlesen »



The new UV LED solution Semray® sets new standards in production flexibility and efficiency with it Plug & Play concept and powerful technologies. Heraeus Noblelight revolutionizes the UV LED market with Semray®. UV specialist Heraeus Noblelight has developed an innovative UV LED solution for industrial curing processes. The new UV LED system is designed around … Weiterlesen »


Heraeus Carbon Infrared Oven Improves Powder Coating Flexibility and Quality at SFS Intec

A three-zone, carbon infrared medium wave oven from Heraeus Noblelight is helping SFS Intec to improve the flexibility and quality of its powder coating operations. Medium wave infrared radiation is readily absorbed by powder coatings and allows rapid and efficient curing. It has allowed the Leeds-based company to change powder curing from a continuous to … Weiterlesen »


Neues UV-LED-System für effiziente Pinning-Anwendungen

Heraeus Noblelight hat auf der LabelExpo Americas 2012 in Chicago eine neue effiziente UV-LED-Lösung für wirksame Pinning-Anwendungen vorgestellt. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit dem neuen NobleCure®-System Ihren Härtungsprozess optimieren und gleichzeitig Energie sparen können. Ein neues UV-LED-System aus der Heraeus NobleCure®-Serie für spezielle Pinning-Anwendungen zur Optimierung Ihrer Härtungsprozesse. Die Zeit zur Trocknung und Härtung von … Weiterlesen »


New UV LED system for efficient pinning applications

Heraeus Noblelight presents a new efficient UV-LED solution for effective pinning applications at LabelExpo Americas 2012. Learn how to optimize your curing process and save energy at the same time – discuss your application with our UV-LED experts at the Heraeus booth at LabelExpo Americas, September 11-13, 2012 in Chicago, booth no. 5218. A new … Weiterlesen »


Hocheffiziente UV-LEDs für Härtungsanwendungen

Leistungsfähige UV-LED-Speziallichtquellen können für verschiedene Härtungs- und Trocknungsanwendungen eingesetzt werden. Heraeus Noblelight produziert maßgeschneiderte UV-LED-Systeme für individuelle industrielle Prozesse. Im Bereich der herkömmlichen Beleuchtung wächst der Anteil von LEDs (Leuchtdioden) für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen explosionsartig aufgrund ihrer geringen Leistungsaufnahme, ihrer langen Lebensdauer und der Tatsache, dass bei ihrer Herstellung umweltfreundliche Materialien Verwendung finden. Die … Weiterlesen »

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