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Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines – gap rinsing allows the gentle finishing of extremely thin work pieces

Walther Trowal at the Deburring Expo 2017 The new Turbotronic-centrifugal disk finishing machine Walther Trowal is the first supplier of mass finishing equipment offering TT centrifugal disk finishing machines with rotary spinner and wear ring made from polyurethane and integrated rinsing of the gap between spinner and wear ring. With the option “gap rinsing” the … Weiterlesen »


New Infrared Systems Speed Up Car Production and Make Them More Efficient

Fast Homogenous Heating Saves Time and Valuable Space Infrared systems save energy and time in the manufacture of the inside trim of cars. Optimally matched infrared systems from Heraeus deburr, weld or form plastic parts in the automotive manufacturing industry so efficiently that significant savings in time and energy result. In the same vein, the … Weiterlesen »