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„Unmet Medical Need“ Retinitis pigmentosa: this challenge can only be solved together

RI Forum 2018: International retinal experts discuss retinal implants International RI-Forum 2018 with retinal experts from all over Europe (Source: Retina Implant AG) (Reutlingen / Vienna) – On the fringe of this year’s EURETINA congress that took place in Vienna from 20 to 23 September 2018, retinal experts from all over Europe met for the … Weiterlesen »


Gentle finishing of extremely hard surfaces

Overlapping rotational work piece movement is the basis for even, all-around surface finishes The spindles allow the processing of batches of up to 18 work pieces. For this photo different work At this year“s IMTS Walther Trowal is introducing the new drag finisher M-TMD 6M for treating high-value components that require a first-class surface quality. … Weiterlesen »


Optic chip with a long service life

Success for Retina Implant – retinal implant still functioning after more than 50 months The subretinal implant Alpha AMS by Retina Implant AG (Source: Retina Implant AG) (Reutlingen) – The subretinal implant from Retina Implant AG has successfully demonstrated its long service life under real-life conditions. Implanted back in 2014, the chip is still functional … Weiterlesen »