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New collimation module for single-mode diode bars utilizes brightness and beam quality

Monolithic micro-optics structured on both sides open up new markets for diode-laser manufacturers. The new monolithic cylindrical lens array „C-SMDB“ from INGENERIC for single-mode bars. At the „Photonics West 2018“, INGENERIC for the first time presents the new micro-optics module „C-SMDB“, developed by the company for the collimation of single-mode diode bars. This helps to … Weiterlesen »


Omicron lanciert innovative LED-Hochleistungslichtquelle

Der neue „LedHUB“ bringt mit bis zu sechs Wellenlängen mehr Flexibilität in die Welt der Mikroskopie und Biotechnologie Innovative Hochleistungslichtquelle „LedHUB“ (Bildquelle: Omicron) Die innovative „LedHUB LED Light Engine“ von Omicron repräsentiert eine ganz neue Art von LED-Lichtquellen für Wissenschaft und Forschung. Das Hochleistungssystem kann mit ein bis sechs LED-Modulen verschiedener Wellenlängen vom UV- bis … Weiterlesen »


Directional light avoids follow-up costs and complaints

The iLux LightBox makes for concentrated, non-tiring visual surface inspection A flaw in the lacquer of a trim strip for an automobile is visible in light emitted by iLux LightBox The new iLux LightBox developed by LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH makes also those surface defects visible which under normal lighting conditions in a workshop … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus at „Medtec 2013“: Optical inspection of cut pieces of hypo and precision tubes

„Free Fall Inspection“ system checks cut pieces of tubes on the fly Precision tubing in the gap between the LED light ring (right) and the camera unit (left). At Medtec 2013, Pixargus is for the first time presenting its new ProfilControl 6-FFI system for optical inspection of cut pieces of hypo and precision tubes for … Weiterlesen »