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Laser-optical crossbow measurement optimizes stretch-leveler performance

Optical measuring technology for strip and plate A system at the continuous pickling line entry At METEC, nokra will launch its new alpha.cb laser-optical system for the measurement of crossbow in strips. The new system can be used, among others, for optimizing the control of stretch-levelers. The company“s further exhibits will include optical gauges for … Weiterlesen »


Ensuring dust limits at the workplace

New sampling system determines the inhalable dust content and the respirable dust fraction that may reach the alveoli. The new stationary tester VC25 JI equipped with a sampling head for particulate matter. The new stationary tester VC25 JI developed by Jung Instruments measures particulate matter and the total dust content at workplaces. A new sensor, … Weiterlesen »


Quick digital bentonite testing reduces casting defects

Moulding sands for the foundry industry: Electronic wet tensile strength test provides results in a minute. The new WJ1 tester launched by Jung Instruments measures the wet tensile strength of moulding sands. Jung Instruments“ new WJ1 tester automatically measures the wet tensile strength of moulding sands and displays the measured results as digital readings in … Weiterlesen »


Draw Wire Sensor MH60 – effective application in harsh environments

High demands are made on sensors, particularly in the area of mobile hydraulic applications. There is a growing demand for precise measuring processes in the area of mobile hydraulics, given that a reliable and safe positioning of vehicle support legs is essential for the safety of the persons and equipment involved. The MH60 was developed, … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: Inspecting inspection systems

Optical surface inspection of profiles for the rubber industry: On-site calibration saves time and ensures reliable production along the entire process chain. The calibration unit has been designed for on-site use Pixargus, leading manufacturer of inspection systems for profiles and tubings, is now offering on-site calibration services for Pixargus systems by means of a newly … Weiterlesen »


Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik: Leveller for plates of „excess width“

Lasers measure the flatness of plates of max. 3.200 mm width in the hundredth of a millimeter range. The new plate levelling machine, on the right one can see a cassette change car. In May GEORG delivered on schedule a levelling center for large-sized aluminium plates to a customer in Russia who is primarily a … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: With image processing technology for sealing profiles to goal-line technology in football world cup

From a start-up company to a leading systems provider: Image processing for the quality control of carbon fiber fabrics used in lightweight automotive construction Core elements of the carbon fabric inspection system: eight high-resolution GigE CCD line scan camer At Vision 2014, Pixargus will present its latest development in image processing technology: integrated measurement solutions … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: New module for optical inline inspection assures flocking quality

Surface inspection system specialized in typical flocking defects ProfilControl Surface systems inspect the surfaces of profiles made of plastics or rubber. At „K 2013“, Pixargus will be presenting its new Flock Detection module, which inspects sealing profiles during the flocking process. The system ensures that, in the case of irregularities in the flocking, corrective action … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: Automatic defect density evaluation takes yield management out of the grey area

Inline inspection of profiles made of plastics or rubber: New surface inspection module has a handle on complex user requirements specifications ProfilControl Surface systems inspect the surfaces of profiles made of plastics or rubber. At „K 2013“, Pixargus will be presenting its new „Defect Density Management“ solution for the surface inspection of profiles made of … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus at „Medtec 2013“: Optical inspection of cut pieces of hypo and precision tubes

„Free Fall Inspection“ system checks cut pieces of tubes on the fly Precision tubing in the gap between the LED light ring (right) and the camera unit (left). At Medtec 2013, Pixargus is for the first time presenting its new ProfilControl 6-FFI system for optical inspection of cut pieces of hypo and precision tubes for … Weiterlesen »

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