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Efficient coating of O-rings

The new Rotamat system for small batches allows the efficient coating of work piece volumes from 2 to 15 liters. The new Rotamat R 60 is suitable for coating of mass produced small parts made from elastomers/metal At the DKT exhibition Walther Trowal presents the newly designed Rotamat R 60 for coating of mass-produced small … Weiterlesen »


2D temperature distribution measurement

Measuring the temperature distribution of the top gas in blast furnaces t-matriX for the temperature measurement inside the blast furnace At Metec, IMI Z&J Technologies GmbH will present the new 2D gas temperature measuring system t-matriX for blast furnaces. The system measures the distribution of the top gas temperature in two dimensions. This provides much … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: Drillhole Inspection makes automatic installation of door seals safe and reliable

100-percent inline inspection instead of random checks and manual measurements ProfilControl Surface systems inspect the surfaces of profiles. At „K 2013“, Pixargus will introduce the new „Drillhole Inspection“ module for its ProfilControl Surface (PCS) systems, which now in addition to inspecting the surfaces of rubber or caoutchouc profiles can also check the presence and position … Weiterlesen »


Directional light avoids follow-up costs and complaints

The iLux LightBox makes for concentrated, non-tiring visual surface inspection A flaw in the lacquer of a trim strip for an automobile is visible in light emitted by iLux LightBox The new iLux LightBox developed by LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH makes also those surface defects visible which under normal lighting conditions in a workshop … Weiterlesen »