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Gentle finishing of extremely hard surfaces

Overlapping rotational work piece movement is the basis for even, all-around surface finishes The spindles allow the processing of batches of up to 18 work pieces. For this photo different work At this year“s IMTS Walther Trowal is introducing the new drag finisher M-TMD 6M for treating high-value components that require a first-class surface quality. … Weiterlesen »


Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines – gap rinsing allows the gentle finishing of extremely thin work pieces

Walther Trowal at the Deburring Expo 2017 The new Turbotronic-centrifugal disk finishing machine Walther Trowal is the first supplier of mass finishing equipment offering TT centrifugal disk finishing machines with rotary spinner and wear ring made from polyurethane and integrated rinsing of the gap between spinner and wear ring. With the option „gap rinsing“ the … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal: A new era for high gloss polishing of ceramic surfaces

Vibratory finishing of ceramic components: Perfect surface finishes at surprisingly low costs The new polishing paste PKC is also suitable for finishing orthopedic implants. The recently developed polishing paste trowapast PKC produces flawless mirror finishes on ceramic work pieces with surface roughness readings of ra = 0.002 – 0.005 µm. These are values, which to … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal significantly reduces non-productive times for deburring of internal part surface areas

Closed loop media handling increases productivity The VG 25 finishing system with peristaltic pump, abrasive media storage tank and vibratory work bowl At METAV 2014 Walther Trowal presents the innovative VG 25 vibratory finishing system for deburring & grinding the complex and delicate internal surface areas of high value components. The proven MV surface finishing … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal: Clean surfaces also in areas difficult to reach

Fast cleaning with reproducible results where mass finishing used to have its limitations. The series 32 multivibrator machines also process complex work pieces. At this year“s AMB, Walther Trowal will present machines of its MV series featuring a new, integrated magnetic plate, specifically designed for fine grinding and polishing work pieces with sophisticated and sensitive … Weiterlesen »