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Gentle finishing of extremely thin work pieces with Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines

Deburring, edge radiusing, surface smoothing and polishing of mass-produced work pieces Walther Trowal offers fully automatic systems with work piece loading and unloading With the innovative option “gap rinsing” the new Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines from Walther Trowal are ideal for finishing extremely thin fine-blanked parts. The new machines lower the investment expenditures and … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal: An amusement park ride served as idea for gentle finishing of high cost work pieces

New drag finishing machine works with overlapping rotational movements. The “Octopus” ride we all know from amusement parks provided the idea for the new machines. Trowal developed the new drag finisher line M-TMD for processing work pieces requiring perfect surface finishes. The work pieces, mounted to rotating satellite stations, undergo multiple overlapping, pre-programmed, rotational movements. … Weiterlesen »


The new generation of Trowal continuous shot blast machines is in operation

A Mexican manufacturer of automotive aluminum die-cast components now operates five continuous shot blast systems from Walther Trowal. The new THM troughed belt continuous shot blast machine equipped with turbines with curved throwing. Walther Trowal has recently commissioned a THM troughed belt continuous shot blast machine for a customer in Mexico that is equipped with … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal: A new era for high gloss polishing of ceramic surfaces

Vibratory finishing of ceramic components: Perfect surface finishes at surprisingly low costs The new polishing paste PKC is also suitable for finishing orthopedic implants. The recently developed polishing paste trowapast PKC produces flawless mirror finishes on ceramic work pieces with surface roughness readings of ra = 0.002 – 0.005 µm. These are values, which to … Weiterlesen »


Aluminum components require soft, less abrasive blast media

New blast turbines with curved throwing blades reduce cycle times. The troughed belt continuous feed shot blast machines, type THM, with curved throwing blades reduce At the Aluminium 2016 trade show Walther Trowal introduces a new generation of blast turbines for the troughed belt continuous feed shot blast machines, type THM. These turbines increase the … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal: New rotary drum coater for work pieces that are heavy or have complex geometries

At the Paint Expo Walther Trowal presents the new R 80 Rotamat drum coater. At the Paint Expo Walther Trowal presents the new R80 Rotamat for coating of mass-produced small parts made from plastic, metal, rubber and wood. With a drum diameter of 800 mm and a usable volume of 50 l the new machine … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: Inspecting inspection systems

Optical surface inspection of profiles for the rubber industry: On-site calibration saves time and ensures reliable production along the entire process chain. The calibration unit has been designed for on-site use Pixargus, leading manufacturer of inspection systems for profiles and tubings, is now offering on-site calibration services for Pixargus systems by means of a newly … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal: The rotary drum coating technology conquers the market

Homogeneous and energy saving coating of mass-produced small plastic and rubber components Walther Trowal introduces the new Rotamat R80 at the DKT exhibition. More and more customers are choosing the rotary drum technology for coating their mass-produced small plastic and rubber components. Within just a few years the sales of the Walther Trowal Rotamat coating … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal offers more reliable finishing results

No matter what water hardness you must work with, the newly developed broadband compounds are considerably less foaming. After being “trowalized” a grease retaining disk is perfectly cleaned. Walther Trowal is the only supplier in the industry offering compounds for the surface finishing of metal parts which work entirely independent from the hardness of the … Weiterlesen »


Walther Trowal significantly reduces non-productive times for deburring of internal part surface areas

Closed loop media handling increases productivity The VG 25 finishing system with peristaltic pump, abrasive media storage tank and vibratory work bowl At METAV 2014 Walther Trowal presents the innovative VG 25 vibratory finishing system for deburring & grinding the complex and delicate internal surface areas of high value components. The proven MV surface finishing … Weiterlesen »

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