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Pixargus: Inspecting inspection systems

Optical surface inspection of profiles for the rubber industry: On-site calibration saves time and ensures reliable production along the entire process chain. The calibration unit has been designed for on-site use Pixargus, leading manufacturer of inspection systems for profiles and tubings, is now offering on-site calibration services for Pixargus systems by means of a newly … Weiterlesen »


Neue Designs für die Aluminiumtube

Die Gewinner des 1. International Aluminium Tube Design Awards stehen fest +++ Neuartige Design-Konzepte für die Neugestaltung der Aluminiumtube überzeugen durch Form und Funktion 1. Platz YOUR TUBE AWARD 2012 „Folding concept/Mayonnaise“ Der erstmals im Jahr 2012 ausgelobte YOUR TUBE AWARD präsentiert neue, attraktive Design-Lösungen für die Aluminiumtube: Das Aluminiumtuben-Komitee der European Tube Manufacturers Association … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus at “Medtec 2013″: Optical inspection of cut pieces of hypo and precision tubes

“Free Fall Inspection” system checks cut pieces of tubes on the fly Precision tubing in the gap between the LED light ring (right) and the camera unit (left). At Medtec 2013, Pixargus is for the first time presenting its new ProfilControl 6-FFI system for optical inspection of cut pieces of hypo and precision tubes for … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: Hybrid inspection system checks material and contour at the same time

All-in-one solution for optical inline control of medical tubing: High speed and precision combined into one system During inline inspection, the tubing first runs through the Allroundia measuring head (in the background) and then through the Medictube light ring and the Medictube measuring head (shown in the opened condition), which accommodates the cameras. At Medtec … Weiterlesen »