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New instruments for old bones

„Incisions and insights“ workshop series – „Extremities and the musculoskeletal system“ Live-streamed surgery at the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis (Source: Michael Latz/BioRegio STERN) (Stuttgart/Tübingen) – The workshop series „Incisions and insights – medtech engineers and medical practitioners in dialogue on anatomy“ continued in February 2019, focusing on „extremities and the musculoskeletal system“. … Weiterlesen »


Courageously seizing opportunities – the secret to success

Science2Start award winners 2017: University Hospital of Tübingen, University of Hohenheim and NMI Science2Start award winners 2017 (Source: BioRegio STERN/Anne Faden) (Stuttgart/Reutlingen) – The Science2Start awards ceremony held as part of the BioRegio STERN summer reception 2017 at the Tübingen-Reutlingen Technology Park recognised scientists and company founders from BioRegion STERN for the ninth time. This … Weiterlesen »