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Novel concept of exhaust gas tract improves turbocharging in combustion engines

The basic idea of the MEDUSA control concept is to divide the turbine inlet into several sectors. Turbochargers significantly increase engine performance and efficiency. Combustion engines currently possess various control elements that operate using different modes and restrictions. At the University of Stuttgart, a concept was developed to better control turbochargers. The innovative MEDUSA concept … Weiterlesen »


Enhanced ball screw drive with increased lifetime through novel double nut design

An invention of the University of Stuttgart combines a high precision with a minimum of preload. Ball screw drives with preloaded nuts are frequently used in machine tools. They are typically exposed to rather high load forces and must be in addition preloaded for high precision requirements. An excessive amount of preload, however, will cause … Weiterlesen »


Greater Range and Longer Lifetime

For mobile applications, a small and lightweight energy storage unit with a high charging capacity is required. Cross-sectional images created via FIB (focused ion beam). (Source: Photo: IMW, University of Stuttgart) One of the great challenges of electric mobility is effective and reliable storage of electrical energy in vehicles. Not just the discussions about manipulated … Weiterlesen »


New welding process joins dissimilar sheets better

Scientists have developed two new process variants that will considerably expand the areas of application for friction stir welding. With the newly-developed friction stir welding joints, it is possible to join steel and aluminum she Friction stir welding is a still-young and thus often unfamiliar pressure welding process for joining flat components and semi-finished components … Weiterlesen »


New options for high-strength fibre ropes

The new rope end connection made of plastic is the result from six years of research conducted by the University of Stuttgart. The cover for high-strength fibre ropes is now ready to be put on the market, a prototype is already in use. Its inventors Engineer Sven Winter has developed a novel rope end connection … Weiterlesen »