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Asset@Logistic AG is growing at a new address

Hamburg, 2 April 2012. Asset@Logistic AG is once again on the road to expansion and has hence relocated into larger premises. Instead of Rothenbaumchaussee 42 the energy company with a very promising future is now at home in Rothenbaumchaussee 3 in Hamburg, which has greater capacities and more room to manoeuvre for the realisation of projects.

More than a decade”s experience in renewable energy

For twelve years now Asset@Logistic AG has been developing and coordinating sustainable energy production projects with solar energy plants and wind farms. The company strives to realise environmentally friendly solutions to energy and raw materials problems by availing itself of natural sources of energy and making them accessible to investors. The most recently designed solar parks, for example, are producing over 35 million kW/h of emission-free energy per year on a 540 hectare-sized property in Southern Spain owned by Asset@Logistic AG.

In-house Asset@Logistic AG is distinguished by a flexible and streamlined organisational structure, which has more than proven itself in the past twelve years. “It”s not the size of a business unit that”s the key to success but the competence and quality of each team,” states Kurt Exler, CEO of Asset@Logistic AG.

The demand for renewable energy is greater than ever

Clean, sustainable and future-oriented energy production is growing increasingly important as resources dwindle while demand increases. With its company philosophy and projects Asset@Logistic AG is intensively committed to tackling this problem and setting new impulses in environmentally friendly energy production.

Non-renewable raw materials, such as crude oil, will be exhausted in the foreseeable future, while the world”s population continues to grow and requires proportionately more energy resources. From 2002 to 2007, for example, global oil consumption rose from 3.5 to 4 Mt (megatonnes), which corresponds to an average annual growth of approximately two percent. If this growth is topped in the coming years – which is anticipated – the hitherto known oil reserves will be exhausted in less than 30 years. IEA chief economist Fatih Birol has even declared that it will presumably no longer be possible by 2015 to cover around 15 percent of the world”s demand for oil. The need for a long-term solution is increasingly urgent, which is also reflected in the Asset@Logistic AG expansion. Besides having moved into Rothenbaumchaussee 3 in Hamburg, the realisation with investors of six further solar parks is scheduled to start in the next three months on the property in Southern Spain with a total of 50 MW. Subsequent to the completion of these solar parks, a production capacity is anticipated of over 100 million kW/h per year due to the solar radiation.

Asset@Logistic AG”s activities are not adversely affected by discussions about module prices and energy feed-in tariffs in Germany, as the energy group”s projects are realised exclusively outside of Germany – in Europe”s sunniest regions. The energy company holds fast to its original concept and continues to make a sustainable contribution to the topic of environmentally friendly energy production, particularly gleaned from the natural and free raw materials of wind and sun.

Sustainable investment in the future

Asset@Logistic AG intends to invest in the future, and indeed in responsible interactions with the environment as well as in the continuing energy supply, even after the non-renewable energy sources have been exhausted. “Our sights are set on the future,” declares Exler. “We are constantly working on sustainable solutions from which generations to come will benefit as well and we would like to use natural energy resources in individual and innovative projects. We view this as a matter of responsibility, innovation and implementation in conjunction with sustainability.”

Die Asset @ Logistic AG beschäftigt sich seit mehr als 10 Jahren mit der Projektierung bzw. Realisierung von Solar- und Windparks, vorzugsweise im Süden Spaniens. Laut einer EU-Studie verfügt das Land über eines der größten Sonnen und Windpotentiale in Europa.

Asset@Logistic AG
Kurt Exler
Rothenbaumchaussee 3
20148 Hamburg
+49 (0)40 41424415

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