Next Step in the Evolution of Scientific Information Access: DeepDyve and FIZ Karlsruhe Partner to Offer Document Rental Services to FIZ AutoDoc Clients

FIZ Karlsruhe Customers Now Able to Rent Full-text Scholarly Articles from DeepDyve”s Catalog of Over 10 Million Authoritative Journal Articles

Karlsruhe, Germany, and Redwood City, Calif., February, 2014 – FIZ Karlsruhe, a top international provider of scientific information and services, and DeepDyve Inc., the leading online rental service for scholarly and professional research articles, announced today an agreement to offer DeepDyve”s innovative article rental capability to FIZ AutoDoc”s clients representing international market leaders from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as large patent offices and research institutes.

Beginning in March 2014, FIZ Karlsruhe will include the option to rent DeepDyve articles directly from its document delivery platform, FIZ AutoDoc. While the customers will continue to enjoy the ability to order full-text PDF documents, they will now have the option to seamlessly rent the articles from DeepDyve at a more affordable price. The rented articles will be available for a 30-day period and can be viewed through a browser repeatedly until its expiration date. However, to ensure that no copyright is violated, these articles can neither be printed nor processed in any other way. FIZ Karlsruhe customers will enjoy direct access to DeepDyve through their standard FIZ AutoDoc login without any additional setup.

With over 10 million rentable articles from nearly 10 thousand peer-reviewed journals, DeepDyve has the most comprehensive collection of authoritative documents in the industry through its partnerships with leading academic publishers, including Reed Elsevier, Springer Science+Business Media, and John Wiley & Sons.

“FIZ Karlsruhe has always been committed to offering our customers innovative new access models, and we believe the renting of scholarly articles represents the next step in the evolution of this industry,” said Rainer Stuike-Prill, Vice President Marketing and Sales at FIZ Karlsruhe. “With DeepDyve we have found an internationally renowned partner offering a technically advanced platform.”

“We are excited to work with FIZ Karlsruhe to bring our rental services to their international client base of scientific researchers who need simple and affordable access to this vital information,” said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. “Just as individuals have become accustomed to renting, or streaming, songs and videos, we believe scientists will come to expect article rental as a standard option among their numerous other choices for accessing scientific content.”

About FIZ AutoDoc
FIZ AutoDoc (, FIZ Karlsruhe”s web-based, automated and copyright-compliant document delivery service, partners with numerous renowned national and international libraries and publishing houses. Scientific journal articles, conference proceedings, and patent documents are mainly made available electronically (pdf). Another asset of FIZ AutoDoc is that it can be easily integrated into the customer”s workflow.

About DeepDyve
DeepDyve provides simple and affordable access to millions of scholarly articles across thousands of peer-reviewed journals. DeepDyve has partnered with over 100 of the world”s leading academic publishers, including Reed Elsevier, Springer Science+Business Media, John Wiley & Sons and many more. Learn more by visiting us at, and follow us on Twitter (@deepdyve) and Facebook (

FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure is a non-profit corporation and the largest non-university institution for information infrastructure in Germany. Our mission is to supply scientists and companies with professional research and patent information as well as to develop innovative information services.
FIZ Karlsruhe strives to strengthen the transfer of knowledge in Germany and abroad and to support the promotion of innovation. FIZ Karlsruhe is a member of the Leibniz Association, which comprises more than 80 institutions involved in research activities and/or the development of scientific infrastructure. Learn more by visiting us at, and follow us on Twitter (@fiznews).

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FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz-Institut für Informationsinfrastruktur ( ist eine gemeinnützige GmbH und die größte außeruniversitäre Informationsinfrastruktureinrichtung in Deutschland. FIZ Karlsruhe hat den öffentlichen Auftrag, Wissenschaft und Forschung – auch in der Wirtschaft – mit wissenschaftlicher Information zu versorgen und entsprechende Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf dem Gebiet der Informationsinfrastruktur zu entwickeln. Ziel ist die aktive Unterstützung der Innovationsförderung, durch Stärkung des Wissenstransfers im nationalen wie im internationalen Rahmen.

Die Geschäftsfelder sind
– STN International – der weltweit führende Online-Service für wissenschaftlich-technische Forschungs- und Patentinformation
– KnowEsis – innovative e-Science-Solutions zur disziplinunabhängigen Unterstützung des gesamten Forschungsprozesses (z. B. Forschungsdatenmanagement)
– Datenbanken und Informationsdienste – Datenbanken und Wissenschaftsportale in den Fachgebieten Mathematik und Informatik, Kristallographie und Chemie sowie Energie.

FIZ Karlsruhe ist Mitglied der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, unter deren Dach sich über 80 Einrichtungen zusammengeschlossen haben, die Forschung betreiben und/oder wissenschaftliche Infrastrukturen bereitstellen.

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