Position and presence detection of seals using digital gauges

The correct position of seals in design components is crucial for a perfect fit.

Position and presence detection of seals using digital gauges

Seals often differ in material, colour and surface characteristics. This is a considerable challenge for sensors that measure distance. Added to this are aggravating or problematic ambient conditions in production, which are often accompanied by contamination from dust and oil. The position of the sealing diaphragm is monitored at several points at the same time to ensure the joint is fully sealed when the design components are joined together.

The inherent elasticity of seals means that non-contact sensors such as laser sensors are unsuitable for safe measurement. In addition to the difficulties of correct positioning and presence detection due to material and ambient conditions, height differences within a range of millimetres can occur due to the elasticity of the seals to be measured.

Digital length gauges are more suitable for checking the position and presence of sealing rings, for example, as they can measure with high precision regardless of colour and material. In addition, contact measurement can contribute to the correct positioning of the seal. The sealing rings are guided by the length gauges at several points, which counteracts the elasticity of the seals. The gauges are protected against oil and dust and contribute to process capability in production.

The digital length gauge GMR from WayCon is not only used for position and presence detection, but also for checking tolerances on workpieces. Due to the compact construction, several gauges can be combined effectively in order to measure different points of an object simultaneously. The standard incremental output signal of the gauges is passed directly to a PLC controller. Alternatively, the measured readings can be read out directly on site by means of a position indicator.

The high-precision gauges of the GMR series achieve a small-range linearity of up to 0.5 µm with a resolution of up to 0.1 µm. With a measuring length of up to 50 mm, the gauges have a compact housing with a high ingress protection rating (IP67).

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