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One for all- the new colorStriker knows them all

Everyone who works with colour, knows how important it is to find and determine the right colour. For Painters, varnish manufacturer and architects, surface testing devices can be a major help in choosing the right colour. The assessment of colours with paper strips is very subjective, since the human eye often has a different perception … Weiterlesen »


Non-contact temperature measurement with new Infrared Pyrometer in metal, steel, glass and other industrial applications

LumaSense Technologies’ two-color pyrometer ISR 6 Advanced for non-contact temperature measurement and independent of object’s emissivity The newest addition to LumaSense Technologies’ line of infrared thermometer temperature-measurement devices is a digital-ratio, two-color pyrometer that allows industrial manufacturers to improve product quality and yield by more accurate non-contact measuring of extreme temperatures in the harshest environments … Weiterlesen »