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Intensive UV light disinfects quickly and saves space and energy.

BlueLight Hygenic System delivers the highest production rates with the most effective germ killing The new BlueLight Hygienic System from Heraeus Noblelight optimizes the disinfection process in the packaging plant at Jorgensen Engineering. The new system contains the particularly powerful UV low pressure technology and thus offers very high disinfection rates with a small footprint. … Weiterlesen »


New MAX Infrared Oven is Five Times Faster For Glass Tempering

Fast Homogenous Heating Saves Time and Valuable Space Tempering with the MAX Infrared Oven saves time and space Packaging glass for medications or tablets must be tempered after it is heat-formed, otherwise thermal stresses can lead to glass bottles or ampoules cracking or shattering. The new MAX infrared oven carries out this stress-relieving process in … Weiterlesen »


Targeted Infrared – Matched to the Task

Infrared emitters for edges, corners and burrs of plastic components Many plastic products must be deburred, others owe their final shape to rivets, welded seams or adhesives. Infrared emitters, which are matched precisely to the product edges can help here. They can perform thermal processes such as welding, gluing and deburring efficiently and in a … Weiterlesen »


Paint and Lacquer Curing – Infrared Emitters and UV Lamps Provide an Efficient Combination

Drying of varnishes on metal plates, curing of coatings on lamp housings – in the industrial sector there are numerous different coating processes. However, for the manufacturer, this can present real challenges, as very often these manufacturing steps can be costly and energy-demanding. Infrared heat dries, UV radiation cures – tests in our Application Centre … Weiterlesen »