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Straightness measurement integrated into the production process

Lager gauge operating in real time assures 100 percent inspection in a fully automatic process. Rounds roll through the measuring frame over a slide At the TUBE 2020 trade show, sema is going to unveil its new STRAIGHTNESS CHECK X-LINE gauge for inline laser-optical measurement of the straightness of bars and tubes. The new system … Weiterlesen »


Laser technology facilitates pipe sizing

A circumferential laser enables high-precision measurements of internal pipe contours. A camera captures the line projected onto the internal pipe wall by the 360° circumference laser. At the upcoming TUBE trade fair, Dango & Dienenthal (D&D) is going to unveil its new laser-supported tool for high-precision sizing of pipes. The Pipe Sizer achieves its extraordinarily … Weiterlesen »


Ensuring dust limits at the workplace

New sampling system determines the inhalable dust content and the respirable dust fraction that may reach the alveoli. The new stationary tester VC25 JI equipped with a sampling head for particulate matter. The new stationary tester VC25 JI developed by Jung Instruments measures particulate matter and the total dust content at workplaces. A new sensor, … Weiterlesen »


Premiere at TUBE/WIRE: Inline geometry measurements pay off quickly, also for production lines with low throughput

Measuring systems for wire rolling and drawing CONTOUR CHECK WIRE systems are available with several measuring axes for contour measurements. At TUBE/WIRE 2018, LAP is going to introduce its new optical measuring system CONTOUR CHECK WIRE. This high-precision system is particularly suitable for inline geometry measurements in production lines with low production volumes. It enables … Weiterlesen »


Two-point measurement reduces non-productive times

Quality control integrated into the production process makes time-consuming manual measurements superfluous. The two opposing probes detect the diameter of the rotating part with high precision. At EMO, GEORG will be presenting the integrated two-point measurement system for horizontal machining centers of its ultraturn MC series. These machines process workpieces weighing 10 tons and more … Weiterlesen »


Directional light avoids follow-up costs and complaints

The iLux LightBox makes for concentrated, non-tiring visual surface inspection A flaw in the lacquer of a trim strip for an automobile is visible in light emitted by iLux LightBox The new iLux LightBox developed by LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH makes also those surface defects visible which under normal lighting conditions in a workshop … Weiterlesen »


Prevent serious accidents with the help of force gauges

The new PCE-FG series force gauge of PCE Instruments UK Ltd. is a portable, but nevertheless, very accurate instrument. Thus PCE Instruments UK has recently added the PCE-FG series force gauge to its portfolio, in order to continue supporting its customers in the field of measuring traction and compression. The new PCE-FG series force gauge … Weiterlesen »


New Force Gauges PCE-SN Series for fast force measurement

The new Force Gauges PCE-SN Series are quick and easy to handle for a large variety of force measurement tasks. The force gauges are small and compact, easy to operate and work according to the spring principle which illustrates the force on an analogue scale. The new Force Gauges PCE-SN Series are quick and easy … Weiterlesen »


New Thermal Imaging Cameras For Stationary Infrared Temperature Measurement And Industrial Monitoring

LumaSense’s highly configurable IR thermal imager product line MC320 offers low temperature and high temperature imaging solutions for a broad range of thermal applications New Thermal Imaging Cameras For Stationary Infrared Temperature Measurement And Industrial Monitoring Santa Clara, California, March 14, 2012 – LumaSense Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new line of highly configurable thermal … Weiterlesen »


Pixargus: Hybrid inspection system checks material and contour at the same time

All-in-one solution for optical inline control of medical tubing: High speed and precision combined into one system During inline inspection, the tubing first runs through the Allroundia measuring head (in the background) and then through the Medictube light ring and the Medictube measuring head (shown in the opened condition), which accommodates the cameras. At Medtec … Weiterlesen »