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Intensive UV light disinfects quickly and saves space and energy.

BlueLight Hygenic System delivers the highest production rates with the most effective germ killing The new BlueLight Hygienic System from Heraeus Noblelight optimizes the disinfection process in the packaging plant at Jorgensen Engineering. The new system contains the particularly powerful UV low pressure technology and thus offers very high disinfection rates with a small footprint. … Weiterlesen »


World Malaria Day 2014: Saving lives with UV light – Heraeus supplies UV lamps for the synthesis of the malaria treatment drug artemisinin

In Africa, a child dies of malaria every minute. More than 200 million people contract the tropical disease every year. The problem: There is a lack of drugs to treat all of the patients. In particular, the important active ingredient artemisinin is not naturally growing quickly enough. UV system for preparative photochemistry (Peschl Ultraviolett GmbH) … Weiterlesen »