Non-contact temperature measurement with new Infrared Pyrometer in metal, steel, glass and other industrial applications

LumaSense Technologies’ two-color pyrometer ISR 6 Advanced for non-contact temperature measurement and independent of object’s emissivity
Non-contact temperature measurement with new Infrared Pyrometer in metal, steel, glass and other industrial applications

The newest addition to LumaSense Technologies’ line of infrared thermometer temperature-measurement devices is a digital-ratio, two-color pyrometer that allows industrial manufacturers to improve product quality and yield by more accurate non-contact measuring of extreme temperatures in the harshest environments ( ).

The ISR 6 Advanced is a non-contact pyrometer that gives operators greater control over their processes and is well-suited for the steel and metals, silicon, glass and cement manufacturing industries. The sensor is applicable for temperature ranges between 600 and 3,000 degrees Celsius. This makes the new digital pyrometer suitable for applications that require precise temperature measurement at very high temperatures such as induction heating, annealing, welding, forging, melting, sintering, or growing crystals. Other key features that make the ISR 6 Advanced one of the most accurate pyrometers of its kind include a small spot size down to 0.7 mm, a response time of less than 2 milliseconds and a 2-color method (ratio method) that uses two adjacent wavelengths for temperature determination.

“Improving production quality and increasing production yield are always top priorities for any manufacturing, and precision is everything when it comes to maximizing process control to achieve those objectives”, said Jeff Becker, vice president of marketing for LumaSense. “The ISR 6 Advanced was designed with that core principle in mind. Even the smallest piece of data can have a large impact on production, and the ISR 6 Advanced gives operators the precise details they need to make the right decisions during these processes.”

In contrast to a conventional pyrometer, the infrared pyrometer ISR 6 Advanced’s temperature measurement is largely independent of an object’s emissivity and is unaffected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view. The new digital ratio pyrometer offers the following features and functions: Contactless temperature measurement, widest temperature ranges for most flexible process adaptation, highest accuracy and repeatability, “Dirty Window” warning, fully digital core for sub-ranging and adopted analog output, very fast 2 ms response time for highly dynamic processes, best optics in its class with manual focus capability, 4 digit LED display and a robust, stainless steel sensor for harsh environments (IP65/NEMA4). The IR pyrometer ISR 6 can be connected to a PC through an RS485 to USB connection, enabling e. g. parameter adjustments. Typical applications for using ISR 6 Advanced pyrometers are steel making and metal processing (induction processes, hardening, welding, forging), solar industry (silicon processing, CVD reactors, crystal pulling in Czochralski Process), glass industry (gob temperature measurement) and cement industry (clinker temperature in rotary kilns). It also improves production quality by reducing the risk of false test results with its ability to automatically detect low signals. If needed, the pyrometer can be switched to 1-color mode and used like a conventional pyrometer providing high accuracy in harsh, high-temperature environments, e. g. metal, glass, silicon and cement manufacturing.
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